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   At the heart of the Old Plovdiv, behind stone fences and among reminiscences for times bygone, the house of the prosperous Karlovo-born merchant of cloths Nikola Nedkovich quietly kindles memories of Bulgarian hereditary traditions.  Built in the 1860s, this splendid house features the most intricate decoration of its front façade. The ornate window pediments attract the interest. Today, this is one of the few houses having preserved original objects of the owners. These elegantly arranged furnishings recreate the authentic world of the affluent Bulgarian families in the late 19th century.

   The ground floor of the house impresses with its unique carved ceilings and luscious murals, preserved as they were, without restorers’ interference. The upper floor is notable for the distinctive style of its decoration. The superb collection of period furniture strengthens here the presence of the Western European tradition.

   You may see displayed the carpet specimens belonging to the two basic schools of carpet weaving in Bulgaria, the schools of Chiprovtsi and of Kotel. Reaching up to 10 metres in length, the impressive Kotel carpets, along with the elegant ribbed silk fabrics and ladies’ underwear, compel genuine admiration.

   With the appealing functionality of its architectural solutions, the inner yard of the compound allures visitors towards an underground tunnel, which connects the cellar with the street, as well as to a covered passage leading from the kitchen into the main building.  The small klyukarnik, an easily accessible “gossiping” turret with windows overlooking the street has served as an ideal base for keeping abreast of social life.

   The laundry of the house displays a collection of hygiene sets, cloths and kitchen accessories.


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