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    The Balabanov House is one of the highlights of the Old Plovdiv. Its story has begun at the onset of the 19th c. with the wealthy merchant and usurer, member of the tailors’ guild, Hadji Panayot Lampsha. Around the turn of the century the Hadji Lampsha house was sold first time to the nephew Hristo, of the distinguished enlightener Nayden Gerov, and then to its last owner, the merchant of wood Luka Balabanov, whose name it bears today.

   The decaying house was demolished in 1935, but was reconstructed in 1976-1979 due to the records of architect Hristo Peev, the most outstanding researcher of the Revival period houses.

   The house, impressive in size, exemplifies the symmetrical houses from the 19th c., built following the model along the maritime coast of the Bosphorus. Today it opens two distinct worlds to its visitors – the world of the Bulgarian Revival period you soak in with the lavish wood- carved ceilings, the period furniture and the nice alcoves, named alafrangas. The other world is that of culture and art.

    In line with the idea the home reborn of Hadji Panayot Lampsha to serve as a Plovdiv palazzo with authentic interior, the house today hosts temporary expositions, conferences, meetings with writers, chamber concerts, theatre performances, meetings.

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Adress:  4000, Plovdiv; 57 Konstantin Stoilov Str.      see on the map
tel. + 359 (0) 32 627 082

Working hours: Daily 

November - March:    Tuesday  - Sunday    9.00 am - 5.30 pm

April - OctoberTuesday  - Sunday   9.30 am - 6.00 pm

Lunch break 12:30 pm to 1 pm


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