Who we are - History, Mission, Aim

    The Ancient Plovdiv Municipal Institute was established with Municipal Council decision in coordination with the Minister for Culture as a municipal cultural institute

in line with the provisions of the Culture Protection and Development Act in Plovdiv, Bulgaria on 02.07.2004 for the purpose of managing, protecting,

preserving and using the immovable cultural assets in the Ancient Plovdiv architectural reserve as submitted to it for this purpose.

It implements the municipal policy for protection and development of cultural heritage in line with the principles of national cultural policy and

local traditions.


    Established with the belief that, after all, our greatest legacy to future generations is to pass to them the heritage that we received, The Ancient Plovdiv Municipal

Institute manages and controls all the activities for restoration, conservation, rehabilitation, greening, lighting and stewardship on the territory of

the architectural reserve, carries a cultural and information activity in the reserve and provides up-to-date possibilities for the development of

cultural tourism, fundraising, permanent monitoring, documenting, archiving.

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