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  The Ancient theatre is one of the main public buildings of the Old Philippopolis. It has been constructed in the 90s of I century A.D. during the reign of Emperor Domitian (81-96 A.D.). Then Philippopol was under the rulership of Titus Flavius Cotis – an heir of a Thracian Royal Dynasty, the high priest of the Thracian province, representative of the Metropolitan Court of Justice and a person in charge of the construction sites.

   The theatre existed to the end of the 4th c. The theatre is among the best preserved ancient theatres in the world. The archaeological surveys were carried in 1968-1979 and at the end of this period the theatre was unearthed and partial conservation treatment carried. 

   Today, the Ancient theatre of Plovdiv is adapted to the contemporary cultural life of the city. Different performances and concerts for about 3000 spectators are held here.

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Adress:  Plovdiv, 4, Tsar Ivajlo Str.
tel. + 359 32 621 040

November - March:    Monday  - Sunday    9.00 am - 5.30 pm

April - OctoberMonday  - Sunday   9.30 am - 6.00 pm



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