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Klianti House is situated in the Ancient Plovdiv architectural and historic reserve, in the neighborhood of the city landmark buildings from the period of the National Bulgarian Revival i.e. the House of the Rhetorician, Lamartine House, Antov House, the Yellow School – all listed cultural properties of national significance with remarkable decorative systems. Some of the things which distinguish Klianti House from the other houses are its notable mural paintings and polychrome ceilings.

   The construction of this residential building started in the middle of the 18th c. It is an asymmetrical two-storey house, which has undergone several refurbishments in the 19th c., the most significant being that from 1817. Up to the present time 2/3 of its original substance have been preserved, for over time it had changed several owners.

   Since 1949 Klianti House has been declared "people's monument of culture", and in 1995 – listed property of national significance.

   Of all the Revival period houses in Plovdiv, Klianti House is the oldest and features enthralling interior decoration and unique architecture. The covered yard on the ground level, built during the first construction period, is impressive. In the room to the northeast the hearth, the shed for the hearth, the window seat and the closets were refurbished. The first floor today consists of three rooms and of a spacious hayet with many windows. At the level of the hayet, next to it, a median storage room is built with a height of 1.60 m. It is named himala (meaning "low" in Greek). From the hayet up, an access stairway made of timber reaches the two main rooms on the first floor. The ornamentation and decoration on the walls in these two rooms is extremely rich and is matched with preserved wooden elements. The mural paintings are polychrome and include plant ornamentation, bouquets and vases with flowers. The wooden ceilings are adorned with different decorative ornaments, the enclosed wooden recesses (musandras) are painted with bouquets of roses and the doors are richly decorated. On both sides of the alafranga in one of the rooms, unique landscapes from Vienna and Constantinople and the year 1817 were treated and restored 

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