We celebrate 119 years since the birth of Zlatyu Boyadzhiev

Zlatyu Boyadzhiev was born on October 22, 1903.
To mark this day, the Municipal Institute "Ancient Plovdiv" will present 22 key chains with miniature inserts of the artist's paintings to the first 22 visitors who will visit the Permanent Exhibition of Zlatyu Boyadzhiev on October 22, 2022.
The exposition is arranged in the house of Dr. Stoyan Chomakov at 18 Saborna Street in the Old Town of Plovdiv.
More information about the Permanent Exhibition of Zlatyu Boyadzhiev: http://oldplovdiv.bg/sights/10
The famous artist Zlatyu Boyadzhiev was born on October 22, 1903 in Brezovo, Plovdiv region.
He studied painting at the National Art Academy in Sofia, in the class of Prof. Tseno Todorov.
After graduating, he settled in Plovdiv, a city whose identity influenced his paintings.
At the end of the 1930s, he visited Italy, where he became acquainted with the work of the representatives of Italian painting, and this left a lasting impression on his artistic works.
In 1951, he experienced a severe stroke, as a result of which he received partial paralysis on the right side of his body. But this difficult moment in his life did not bring him down, he continued to paint using his left hand.
The artist died on February 2, 1976 in Plovdiv.

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